Top Natural Treatments For Nail Fungus

As their name suggests, nail fungus are fungal infections that affect either the nails on the fingers or the nails on the toes. Nail fungus infections can be distressing, as they tend to disfigure and discolor the nails that are afflicted of them; making them unshapely and uncared for – which might negatively impact the (subconscious) opinion other people who get to see the victim get to make about the victim.

Now the key to effectively combating a problem, any problem, is to get insight into the problem. So digging deeper into nail fungus, it turns out that the specific type of fungus culpable for the trouble they cause is the fungus called onychomycosis, which belong to a fungal family known as dermatophytes. The condition is contagious, and propensity for the infections is thought to be in the category of predispositions that can be genetically passed on from parents to their offspring.

Thankfully, there are some treatments you can use in combating nail fungus.

One of the top natural treatments for nail-fungus is the ever versatile tea tree oil. One of the most clearly documented effects of tea tree oil is that of being a natural fungicide, and it is this that gives it efficacy at fighting nail fungus. The use of tea tree oil for this purpose is easy. All you have to do is Fungus Clear to apply a few drops of the oil on the affected toe nails (and adjacent ones too, to prevent migration), and then rub the oil in deeply to ensure it gets to the fungus.

Another top natural treatment for nail-fungus is olive oil. This works well when used alongside oregano oil. The idea is to mix the olive oil with the oregano oil in the ratio of one teaspoon of the oregano oil for every couple of drops of the olive oil – and then applying the blend so created on the affected toe for a period not exceeding twenty one days, and the problem should be effectively cleared.

Natural oils indeed seem to be the best way to go when looking for natural treatments for nail fungus. This is because yet another good natural treatment for such nail-fungus is lavender oil. Lavender oil, when used in the treatment of nail fungus works best in conjunction with tea tree oil. The idea is to mix the two oils (lavender oil and tea tree oil) in equal proportions, the make use of a wooly material, say a swath of cotton to rub the mixture into the affected area. For better and faster results, one is be advised to apply the mixture at least of couple of times a day (but ideally three times a day) till the problem is cured. Both oils are known to have notable anti-fungal and anti-septic properties, and it is these that account for their efficacy at fighting nail fungus.

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