What Is Blogging? Its Relation To SEO

Previously, a blog was commonly used as personal website that portrays the owner’s thoughts, experiences, opinions or views. Yet today, internet marketers have made use of blogging as a method of promoting their websites. They make use of their personal experiences or those of others to promote their website or a particle product.

A blog is one of the types of website or it can be a part of a website. As a website, it is a collection of entries (posts or articles, commentary or news of a subject, reviews, or personal diary) that are usually displayed according to date of entry, wherein latest entry is the first shown down to the first entry. Blogs are maintained by the owner by putting in entries regularly, like blog posts, videos, and graphics postonmagazine.com. Moreover, it also contains images, links to other related blogs, web pages, and other media associated to the blog’s content. Visitors are also able to leave a comment, and this interactive aspect of a blog makes it an interesting website. There are several types of blog that includes art blog that focuses on art, photoblog for photographs, video blogging for videos, MP3 blog for music, and podcasting for audio. Aside from that there are blogs that features very short posts, and it is called microblogging.

Blogs are generally ‘search engine friendly’ as these are rich in texts, links, and also their WebPages are regularly updated. Optimizing a blog in order for it to gain high traffic and ranking is the same as optimizing any other type of website. And optimization is basically dependent on how keywords are incorporated on the blog content. For instance, using the primary keywords on your blog domain is a great help in leading high traffic flow to your blog. Another way is to put the primary keywords on the header of your blog and also on the title of your post. And as for secondary keywords, they are better sprinkled on the body of your posts, titles, and links. But a reminder though, put a limit by doing this because it may be regarded by visitors and search engines as spam. And finally, you can put primary and secondary keywords in the anchor text of your links.

Aside from mentioned above, blogs are also used by internet marketers as a means of link building. You can post contents on your blog that are related to your main website, and then you can sprinkle links that will direct the visitors to your website. Blogging has really become that useful to internet marketers. It is important method of promoting websites and blogs for high ranking and increased traffic. In fact, there are companies that offer services for Search Engine Optimization.

Running a successful and profitable blog takes a consistent amount of work over a long period of time. Great idea could be to monitor your niche via RSS and news alert services. Always improve your knowledge. Once a blog gets to a certain size it’s normal to be approached by advertisers wanting to buy space on your blog. Think twice before you will say yes. The content of those ads is very important as well as context. Time consuming – but worth. Blogs that become inactive will usually have a decreasing income level over time – do not forget about that.

The key to maintaining a good level of traffic is ongoing frequent posting. The right blog CMS makes a big difference. The best CMS is something that’s easy for the writer to use.

Can help you a lot. Hosting your blog on a different domain from your primary site is one of the worst mistakes you can make. Think about that. If you want to be good when blogging write for people who will visit your site.

I know that many people prefer to write for search engines but this is just shooting yourself in foot. At the end if you want make money from your blog – think if it is about search engines or conversion? You prefer to have 10.000 people daily doing nothing on your site or 5.000 buying what you have to offer?

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