Tales of Poseidonia: The Power Spirits (Part: X1V)

 Tales of Poseidonia: The Power Spirits (Part: X1V)

Port of Poseidonia: The Power Spirits
[The Incarnation of the King]

Let us not all believe Atlantis and its demonic forces, and Hell with its hidden secrets, and dark powers, did not use them in  38 super ammo for sale all dimensions, and throughout the Universe. And this sketch will bring forth, some of them. XIV


Life is never graceful long enough to fall to sleep in a valley, either you find yourself shortly after a quick dose climbing up, or climbing down the mountains on each side of the valley, the valley of issues, life’s issues that is, problems, etc.,: ah, life is a test of endurance is it not, until old age creeps up, and we seemingly let go because it is too damn hard to get back up on our feet. But dying is not death in the long term, no there is another phase to life, matter-of-fact, we may have several more phases to live. Let’s look at one.

Phrygian had just gotten his first assignment from Hell. I will explain it to you as it was to him: Agaliarept was to release him from Hell, so Belphegor, the King of Demons, could now have full authority over him. Let no anyone think, Hell, and the Universe with all its hardness has no hierarchy. It is similar to Heavens. You see, it should be well understood in the invisible and supernatural world, Satan duplicates Heaven, although it is not quite to ones advantage to say it too loud, save for the fact, the main man might hear you, and woops, off you go back to Mount Hades for a spell. In any case, it was explained to Phrygian that both God and Satan have what they call, ‘Power Spirits,’ they travel and do God’s work, or in the case of Hell, Belphegor’s work, who gets his orders directly from Satan. Thus, they travel possibly from planet to planet, or if assigned to earth, from country or city to wherever assigned. In material form [incarnating], whatever form is needed. To incarnate, or to be made flesh, one only needs to have the power to do so. And on earth, you cannot survive long in a spirit form, you need to incarnate, and only a few have this power. It is a given power, as is the travel assignments. Thus, on his travels (it was explained to him) you will also find God’s Power Spirits, from Heaven: here and there. It is best to leave the area alone or to call on assistance, you can call Bijoy or me, and so it was explained: we will assist you. If you are cast into a pig or something like that, you will not have outsmarted God’s forces, and that is a point of contention for Hell.


What was going to take place was a new career he thought. But was this necessary; was there no rest in the Universe? His first assignment was simple, or so he thought. There was a war going on, and they called it The Great War [1917]. He was to seek out a person in France, whose old lover had a child; she had gotten marred and was in her late forties; Donald, was also in his forties, and a Major in the US Army. He wanted Phrygian to get involved with his command. To–if need be–materialize and become an officer. Take the uniform off a dead soldier and play the war game. He couldn’t be killed. The main objective was to see that Major Donald Pepper would get shot and killed in action. The woman he had gotten pregnant had married another man, she was in her own right cold, and hungry for money in her youth. She never told her new husband the child belonged to another man, and Donald never interfered with her life. He did although le

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