Why You Need to Play the New Angry Bee’s Game!

The Storyline

Sometime in the distant past carried on with a settlement of Bee’s, living in lavish glades encompassed by blossoms and grass. Honey bee’s are a shrewd animal varieties, cooperating in colossal numbers to gather dust and make honey. Simply be cautious when your with them however as honey bee’s can lash out without any problem! This story is about a King Bee who worked his province to the verge, making them work extended periods and 44-40 ammo  nothing back consequently. The Bee troopers would need to make stores of honey only for the King Bee to eat it for himself.

Notwithstanding, the Bee Soldier’s have had enough of the King and have intended to get together a multitude of Soldiers to over run the realm. Seems like a decent arrangement up until this point right? – Wrong… As you are the King and your state is en route to you to assume control over the reins! This is the story line for the Game Angry Bee’s in which you are the King and need to protect yourself and your honey heap from the approaching influxes of foe honey bee fighters.

Game Play

The game is loaded up with 20 rounds of approaching Bee waves who will consume your honey in the event that they can draw near enough to it. So it’s your target to guarantee that none of the other Bee’s make it sufficiently close to your store of delectable honey.

Irate Bee’s is a thrilling game with striking illustrations, a crazy soundtrack and stacks to keep you occupied like Buying and Upgrading your Weapons, Working towards Achievements and Unlocking the unique Power Up tokens.

Redesigns, Power Ups, Achievements and other Awesome Bee Stuff!

You can purchase up to 7 weapons which include: Handguns, Shotguns, Uzi’s. Rifles, Rocket Launchers and Grenade Throwers! Every one of your weapons can be moved up to work on it’s Damage, Ammo Capacity and Reload time.

When you’ve earn’t sufficient cash you will actually want to get a portion of the Power Ups which will give you the capacities to enact Grenade and Missile Strikes as well as acquiring additional honey and focuses after each level.

As you progress through the game shielding your Honey from the vast influxes of warriors, you will actually want to open a portion of the 24 Achievements to show your actual abilities with regards to kicking some Bee’s butt in this irresistible game. Accomplishments range from killing so many Bee’s with a specific Weapon or updating another weapon child he greatest expertise.

Irate Bee Legends – (This Could Be You!)

Along these lines, as you can see Angry Bee’s has something for everybody – Strategy, Shooting and Defense all in once game with a lot of choices, levels and moves up to keep any player occupied until they’ve at long last maximized every one of their overhauls and figured out how to beat the unique A.I Robotic Bee managers at the last level! Uh oh did we offer to much data? Might you at any point turn into a Bee Legend and save your honey from your old state mates?

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