About Biometric Gun Safes

 About Biometric Gun Safes

What are they?

Biometric gun safes are the most state of the art and technologically advanced gun safes in the marketplace today, naturally along with that comes significantly higher .38 special ammo  prices. “Biometric” references how the locking mechanism of the safe releases and allows access to the contents. Instead of using mechanical locks and keys or combination dials or electronic key (pin) pads similar to using a debit card at the atm, the biometric family of gun safes uses an electronic fingerprint scanners.

Why would someone need or want one of these devices?

Biometric gun safes are most useful if you have handguns that are kept at home or the workplace and the intended purpose of those firearms is protection. As a gun owner you should have an understanding that you need to keep your guns secure so that they do not get stolen by thieves, mishandled by curious children or misused by angry teenagers, any type of locking safe regardless of locking mechanism can handle this task. However if, in an instant you need to quickly have access to that firearm to protect yourself, your family or co-workers from an intruder or burglar, your only choice is a biometric gun safe. With any traditional safe you would have to fumble with keys, dials or type in a sequence of numbers on a key pad. These tasks if attempted under extreme pressure or half asleep in the dark of night could be impossible and prove fatal. Biometric safes allow you to release the locking mechanism by simply placing a finger tip over a laser scanner. You could have your gun in your hand within seconds without even opening your eyes.

How to differentiate between biometric gun safes?

Biometric gun safes can vary in price from a few hundred dollars for a single fingerprint scanner, single handgun safe; to thousands of dollars for larger gun vaults with the capacity to hold multiple handguns, long guns and ammunitions, with multiple fingerprint scanners.

While most gun safes are rated only on how well they prevent theft, unauthorized access and damage from fire; biometric gun safes are additionally rated on false acceptance and false rejections. False acceptance identifies how likely an unauthorized person like a thief could get access to the safes contents, a false rejection would identify how likely an authorized person like yourself would not be allowed to access the safe.

Single finger scanning safes are usually to most reliable and least expensive. Safes that scan four fingers offer much higher level of security but typically also posses higher cost and false rejection ratings.

Biometric gun safes also vary on how many samples they can store in memory and how fast they can process the samples. The higher end safes can hold multiple samples such as you, your spouse, your business partner or other trusted friend or family member and will be able to process the samples accurately within a split second.

The last variation in biometric gun safes is whether the safe can be opened with just a fingerprint, just a key, or with a fingerprint and a key in conjunction. Single purpose safes are the least costly and offer the most ease of use. Safes that offer the most variations require a bit more technical ability to configure to your liking or needs and will be at the top of the price spectrum.

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